Star Hall


100 UAH — 250 UAH

Intended for audience aged 12 and up

The night sky is really a view to infinity; could alien life exist somewhere out there?
This film investigates the conditions required for life, beginning with planets and moons in our Solar System and venturing out to some of the newly discovered exoplanets orbiting other stars.
Potentially habitable exoplanets are now being discovered regularly-worlds that are not only very far away, but also strange and unfamiliar. What could life on these worlds look like? What are the chances of encountering intelligent life in the future and how might we detect it?

The two-hour program of Planetarium visit includes:

- a tour around the expo zone
- watching a movie in the Star Theater
- a live lecture - journey through the starry sky and Q&A session

Children aged between 4 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult to visit the Planetarium. An individual ticket is required for each person.

Children under 4 will not be admitted to the Star Theater.

Scheduled shows are in Ukrainian. If you want to watch a show in English – please, let us know:
+38 050 701 88 82 or